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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-200921-cm absorbers at intermediate redshiftsGupta, N.; Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
27-Jul-2007C iv absorption in damped and sub-damped Lyman-alpha systems: Correlations with metallicity and implications for galactic winds at z~2-3Fox, Andrew J.; Ledoux, C.; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
6-Jul-2011Collimated flow driven by radiative pressure from the nucleus of quasar Q 1511 + 091Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick; Ledoux, C.; et al.
1-Apr-2009Complete sample of 21-cm absorbers at z ~ 1.3: Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope Survey Using Mg II SystemsGupta, N.; Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
1-Aug-2009Constraining fundamental constants of physics with quasar absorption line systemsPetitjean, Patrick; Vivek, M.; Mohan, V.; et al.
18-Dec-2000Cosmic microwave background temperature at a redshift of 2.33771Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick; Ledoux, C.
1-Oct-2009Damped and sub-damped Lyman-alpha absorbers in z > 4 QSOsGuimaraes, R.; Petitjean, Patrick
28-Nov-2006Detecting cold gas at intermediate redshifts: GMRT survey using MgII systemsGupta, Neeraj; Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
24-Feb-2010Detection of 21-cm, H2 and Deuterium absorption at z>3 along the line-of-sight to J1337+3152Srianand, R.; Gupta, Neeraj; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
1-May-2002Detection of molecular hydrogen in a near solar-metallicity damped Lyman - alpha system at Zabc ~ 2 toward Q 0551 - 366 Authors: Ledoux, C.Ledoux, C.; Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick
14-Feb-2007Evidence for overdensity around z_em > 4 quasars from the proximity effectGuimaraes, R.; Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
30-Jul-2007Excitation mechanisms in newly discovered H2-bearing Damped Lyman-alpha clouds: systems with low molecular fractionsNoterdaeme, P.; Ledoux, C.; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
14-Dec-2000H2 molecules and the nature of damped Lyman-alpha systemsPetitjean, Patrick; Srianand, R.; Ledoux, C.
15-Jan-2007Hot Halos around High Redshift Protogalaxies: Observations of O VI and N V Absorption in Damped Lyman Alpha systemsFox, Andrew J.; Petitjean, Patrick; Ledoux, CĀ“edric; et al.
1-Dec-2005Kinematics and star formation activity in the z=2.03954 damped Lyman-alpha system towards PKS 0458-020Heinmuller, Janine; Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
6-Jul-2011Limits on the time variation of the electromagnetic fine-structure constant in the low energy limit from absorption lines in the spectra of distant quasarsSrianand, R.; Chand, Hum; Petitjean, Patrick; et al.
17-Jul-2006Metallicity as a criterion to select H2 bearing damped lyman-alpha systemsPetitjean, Patrick; Ledoux, C.; Noterdaeme, P.; et al.
6-Mar-2002Molecular hydrogen at Zabx=1.973 towards Q0013 - 004: Dust depletion pattern in damped Lyman - alpha systemsPetitjean, Patrick; Srianand, R.; Ledoux, C.
9-Feb-2006Molecular hydrogen in a damped lyman-alpha system at Zabs = 4.224Ledoux, C.; Petitjean, Patrick; Srianand, R.
11-Mar-2015Molecules in the Zabc = 2.8112 damped system toward PKS 0528-250Srianand, R.; Petitjean, Patrick