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Title: Physical Significance of Planck Length
Authors: Padmanabhan, T.
Keywords: Physical significance
Planck length
Quantum gravity
Issue Date: 14-Aug-1984
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers
Series/Report no.: Annals of Physics;Vol. 165, 1985
Abstract: The significance of Planck length in a quantum gravity model is investigated by concentrating on the conformal degree of freedom. It is shown that Planck length is a lower bound to physical proper length in any space-time. It is impossible to construct an apparatus which will measure length scales smaller than Planck length. These effects exist even in flat space-time because of vacuum fluctuations of gravity. It is shown that these fluctuations lead to a high energy cut-off in flat space field theories, thereby removing the divergence problem. The oneloop corrections to a self interacting scalar field is computed and shown to be finite.
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