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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2009Detecting gravitational waves from inspiraling binaries with a network of geographically separated detectors: coherent versus coincident strategiesMukhopadhyay, Himan; Tagoshi, H.; Dhurandhar, Sanjeev; et al.
2-Sep-2011Exploring the dust content of SDSS DR7 damped lyman alpha systems at 2.156 Zab <5.2Khare, Pushpa; et al.; Berk, D. V.; York, D. G.
1-Mar-2009CMB Polarization and Temperature Power Spectra Estimation using Linear Combination of WMAP 5-year MapsSouradeep, Tarun; Jain, Pankaj; Saha, Rajib; et al.
1-Aug-2009Constraining fundamental constants of physics with quasar absorption line systemsPetitjean, Patrick; Vivek, M.; Mohan, V.; et al.
14-Dec-2010Evolution of shocks and turbulence in major cluster mergersPaul, Surajit; Iapichino, L.; Miniati, F.; et al.
25-Jun-2007CMB anisotropy power spectrum using linear combinations of WMAP mapsSaha, Rajib; Souradeep, Tarun; Jain, Pankaj; et al.
Jan-2008Detailed study of the GRB 030329 radio afterglow deep into the non-relativistic phaseHorst, A. J. van der; Kamble, A.; Resmi, L.; et al.
15-Jun-2011Oscillation in the inflaton potential: Exact numerical analysis and comparison with the recent and forthcoming CMB datasetsAich, Moumita; Hazra, Dhiraj Kumar; Sriramkumar, L.; et al.
9-Sep-2010Coude-feed stellar spectral library - atmospheric parametersWu, Yue; et al.; Singh, Harinder P.; Prugniel, Philippe
31-May-2011Cross-correlation search for a hot spot of gravitational wavesDhurandhar, Sanjeev; Tagoshi, H.; Okada, Yuta; et al.